Webinar 18

Webinar 18 restarted this popular series in April, 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic caused event cancellations and Stay-at-Home orders worldwide. The focus was returned to DIA/SWATH, featuring new instructional content created by Ben Collins and team for the 2017 & 2018 DIA/SWATH Course at ETH, which inspired new development in Skyline to support the tutorial use case. After a quick introduction by Skyline Principal Developer Brendan MacLean, Ben Collins, Ph.D, ably reintroduced basic DIA concepts and the datasets collected on a Thermo Q Exactive and a SCIEX TripleTOF, based on the 3-organism sample mix presented in the Navarro, Nature Biotech. 2016 DIA benchmarking paper. Brendan MacLean followed with a tutorial walk-through in Skyline 20.1 revised and optimized for this latest version.

With record-breaking attendance, our webinar software maxed out at 501 attendees, and some were denied access for the first time. We hope to increase our limit to 1001 for next time.

With over 50 questions submitted, the presenters were only able to answer a handful. Please find the recorded session below as well as written answers to all of the questions submitted during the session.

Stay healthy, everyone. We look forward to seeing you back for the next in this series, coming soon.

-- The Skyline Team

Brendan MacLean

Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)


Presentation Slides

Ben Collins

Ben Collins
(DIA/SWATH researcher)


Presentation Slides


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