Webinar 14

Even after our extended hiatus, the latest Skyline Tutorial Webinar -- #14 Large Scale DIA with Skyline drew a total of almost 280 attendees for both morning and afternoon sessions on Tuesday, Jan 25, 2017. There is clearly lots of interest in the new DIA methods that have been developed since we did our initial DIA webinar 26 months ago. 

The video recording below is a composite of both the morning and afternoon sessions including building an assay and adding it into the workflow (morning).  Both Q&A sessions are also included. 

Also below are the presentation and supporting files (a hefty 64 GB zipped data set!) as well as the written answers to the great questions we received from all of you during both sessions of the webinar.

Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)

Presentation Slides

(13 KB)
DDA Search
(6.5 GB)

DIA Data
(47 GB)
(9.5 GB)

Skyline Batch

Review Webinar 13

Calibrated Quantification with Skyline
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.

Review Webinar 15

Optimizing Large Scale DIA with Skyline
Video and presentation slides are available now, supporting data sets coming soon!

Other Skyline Resources

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