Webinar 5

Thanks to the people who attended Webinar #5 which featured a tutorial by Principal Developer Brendan MacLean on Skyline targeted method refinement.  Additionally, guest speaker SRM Researcher Jim Bollinger presented on assay refinement for clinical use. 

Below are the supporting files for Skyline Tutorial Webinar #5 Targeted Method Refinement with Skyline including presented slides and a composite recording of the sessions which has a table of contents allowing for quick navigation through the sections of the webinar. Below is also the tutorial data sets used in Brendan's demo and there is also an associated tutorial Targeted Method Refinement which is available here.  

The answers to the questions posed during the Q&A portion of webinar are now posted here. NOTE: if you asked one of the questions during the webinar, be sure to check out Brendan and Jim's written responses as in a couple of them, they acknowledge that the written answer have been updated.  

-- The Skyline Team


Brendan MacLean
(Principal Developer)

Presentation Slides

Tutorial Files (66 MB)



Jim Bollinger

Jim Bollinger
(SRM Researcher)

Presentation Slides

Review Webinar 4

Targeted Method Design
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.

Review Webinar 6

Effective Data Processing and Interrogation
See video, presentation slides, and other files presented at the webinar.

Targeted Method Refinement Tutorial

For those who want even more practice, the 25-page tutorial Targeted Method Refinement provides a great "hands-on" review of the concepts and processes covered in Webinar #5.