Issue 963: Feature Request - Remove Replicate/Result from Chromatogram or Replicate Right-click menu

Assigned To:Brendan MacLean
Opened:2023-07-17 10:38 by Brian Pratt
Changed:2023-07-17 10:38 by Brian Pratt
2023-07-17 10:38 Brian Pratt
Title»Feature Request - Remove Replicate/Result from Chromatogram or Replicate Right-click menu
Assigned To»Brendan MacLean
from Will Thompson, per

Hi Brendan and Team,

I wanted to ask for a simple feature to make managing files which are missed injections a little easier/faster. Please consider adding the ability to remove a replicate/result file completely from the document (similar to edit/manage results) in the right-click menu. The workflow would be if you observe a run to have no data of interest, you can right-click and then instead of only "remove peak", you could "remove replicate" (or "remove result").




How many replicates do you have in your Skyline document?

We have tried not to make it too easy to remove replicates from the document because we imagined that they took a while to import, and we did not want users to accidentally remove them.
There is no way to remove replicates using the Document Grid, for instance.

We certainly could add a "Remove Replicate..." menu item to the chromatogram right-click menu item. I would imagine that Skyline would display a message box "Are you sure that you want to remove the replicate XXX" and it would have OK/Cancel buttons, and would probably also have a button "And also remove corresponding library runs" if there is a document library.

Could you send us your Skyline document? I imagine your document must have many replicates and only a small number of molecules.
-- Nick


Hi Nick

Thanks for the quick response. Yep, pretty small number of compounds (hundreds) typical of small molecule experiments and can be medium size sets of runs. 10's to hundreds. If you open the attached document and click on one of the molecules in the "iMT" group, you can see easily which replicates just were missed injections (these are internal standards which should be in all sample). Would be nice to just click that replicate in the peak area view, verify that the injection was missed in the chromatogram, and be able to right-click and delete replicate without going to edit/manage results/select/Remove/OK.

I like your idea of a confirmation button/message box.