Issue 885: Dotp line graph points should be clickable for changing the active replicate

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Opened:2022-03-31 09:59 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2023-02-09 13:44 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2023-02-09 13:20 by Rita Chupalov
Closed:2023-02-09 13:44 by Brendan MacLean
2022-03-31 09:59 Brendan MacLean
Title»Dotp line graph points should be clickable for changing the active replicate
Assigned To»ritach
When I work with the Peak Areas - Replicate Comparison plot with the dotp (idotp or rdotp) line graph showing, I may want to see a replicate with a particular dotp value. I naturally move the mouse over the point, or may want to see that value tip first and then activate the replicate. The cursor ends up over the point and the cursor changes to the pointing finger, which indicates a link I can click, but when I click nothing happens. I need to move the cursor down to click on either the bar or the label below the x-axis. This is really not ideal, because often problem points have very little peak area, and hence very little visible bar, and the x-axis labels can get removed when there is not enough space, or I can feel uncertain that I really have the right one when it is far enough below the point.

So, we need to make clicking on those points once the pointing finger cursor is showing work the same as clicking on the corresponding bar or x-axis label.

We also need to think of a way to highlight the point for the active replicate. We currently draw a rectangular line around the bar for the active replicate, but again the bar can be very small in the case where the dotp value is problematic. Often we use red to show this kind of selection elsewhere, but red is already used for points below the cutoff line. Maybe a rectangle around the point?

2023-02-09 13:20 Rita Chupalov
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2023-02-09 13:44 Brendan MacLean
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