Issue 857: ImportTransitionListColumnSelectDlg lags a bit when associate proteins checked

Assigned To:Brendan MacLean
Opened:2021-12-08 11:39 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2022-02-16 15:04 by Brian Pratt
Resolved:2022-02-16 15:04 by Brian Pratt
2021-12-08 11:39 Brendan MacLean
Title»ImportTransitionListColumnSelectDlg lags a bit when associate proteins checked
Assigned To»Brian Pratt
If you use the SkylineTester - Forms tab to bring up the ImportTransitionListColumnSelectDlg, and then check the associate proteins checkbox, it can take seconds before it is clear the click made an impact. I assume the code is attempting to associate proteins for all of the peptides in the list. It may also be associating every row using a separate lookup. There should be a map based on the bare (unmodified) peptide sequence to avoid duplicating lookups, and at this stage, all that needs to happen is association of the rows the form is showing, which is probably less than 20 peptides and should not take that long.

Finally, it may be worth protecting this with a LongWaitDlg so that in case it does take a while the user sees progress instead of fealing that the click may have not registered.

2021-12-10 12:29 Brian Pratt
Short term fix is:
 default to Associate Proteins *not* checked
 some performance improvements by batching up the protdb peptide search (was one query per unique peptide)
 make operation cancelable

Full fix is:
  default to checked, but only operate on the handful of visible peptides in the dialog
  defer the full task to when user hits "check for errors" or "OK" (retain result if done in "check for errors")
  add progress indicator to the cancelation mechanism (probably means breaking the search into chunks)

2022-02-16 15:04 Brian Pratt
resolve as Fixed
Assigned ToBrian Pratt»Brendan MacLean