Issue 837: Import Peptide wizard "Configure Full-Scan Settings" IMS stuff should have its own page/step

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Opened:2021-10-11 13:43 by Brian Pratt
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Closed:2021-11-03 09:51 by Brian Pratt
2021-10-11 13:43 Brian Pratt
Title»Import Peptide wizard "Configure Full-Scan Settings" IMS stuff should have its own page/step
Assigned To»Brian Pratt
From Brendan's 10/11/2021 email:

"Hi Brian and Kaipo,
I am working on Matt's diaPASEF tutorial, and I find that I am not a big fan of the super tall wizard form that is way too tall for all other pages, forced to be that tall by the IMS settings tacked on the bottom of the "Configure Full-Scan Settings" page:

[image of full scan settings page with IMS setting[

Since this is not how these settings appear in the Settings > Transition Settings form, let's more closely mimic that by adding a new page "Configure Ion Mobility Settings".

The above is also a pretty strange layout. It only makes any sense, if you can imagine how it looks in the Edit > Transition Settings - Ion Mobility tab, where there is a "Window type:" dropdown list to the left of the "Resolving power:" field."

2021-11-02 11:06 Brian Pratt
In the end we left the IMS stuff on the Full Scan Settings tab, but simplified and compacted it (no longer asks if the user wants to use library IM data, of course they do - and they can set resolving power to 0 if they really don't want to filter on IM) so the dialog isn't absurdly tall.

2021-11-03 09:50 Brian Pratt
resolve as Fixed
Fixed in commit 8459c205b7dd1d3223b92b5e81225c52b5160ac3

2021-11-03 09:51 Brian Pratt
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