Issue 8: Add an Apply To All action to the chromatogram graphs

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Opened:2011-07-07 by Brendan MacLean
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2011-07-07 Brendan MacLean
Title»Add an Apply To All action to the chromatogram graphs
Assigned To»Brendan MacLean
On a call Thursday, Terry mentioned really wanting some sort of Apply To All action during peak picking and integration boundary editing to apply settings in one replicate to all others, which goes well with some of Jason's previous requests.

I think this can be done fairly easily by adding an "Apply To All" menu item to the chromatogram graph righ-click menu.

Choosing that menu item would then:
1. If the boundaries for the current graph are around a detected peak, choose the peak in all other replicates that is closest to the chosen peak in the right-clicked replicate.
2. If the boundaries for the current graph have been edited from detected peak extents, then each replicate would get proportionally modified extents. (i.e. if the chosen peak has 1/10th the original peak width added to the left, and 1/6th the original peak width added to the right, then those proportional shifts will be applied to all other replicates)
3. If the boundaries are not around a detected peak in the current graph, but other precursors for the same peptide do, then the edits will be applied based on the other precursors.
4. The command will only edit transitions for which data is visible in the graph when it is right-clicked. i.e. A peptide will affect both heavy and light pairs, but a precursor affects only its own transitions.

2014-01-08 Brendan MacLean

2015-07-08 Brendan MacLean
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Funny. I found this old bug going through my own list. It may duplicate one you currently have, or if I forgot to post a new one to cover this, you can result it when we get the feature committed.

2015-10-12 Kaipo
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