Issue 789: No longer able to reset settings in Tools > Options > Misc tab

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Opened:2021-04-11 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2021-12-14 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2021-12-02 by matt.chambers42
Closed:2021-12-14 by Brendan MacLean
2021-04-11 Brendan MacLean
Title»No longer able to reset settings in Tools > Options > Misc tab
Assigned To»Nick Shulman
Unfortunately, I just noticed that a feature I added to help with teaching no longer works as it used to. In the Tools > Options - Misc tab there is a button "Clear All Saved Settings". When I click it and OK the warning about the impact being immediate, some things appear to have been reset (though not in the Tools > Options form itself, where my Prosit server remained what it was before - until I Cancel - and come back). For instance, the File > recent list is empty. However, when I exit Skyline and restart it, my entire recent files list is back. And sadly, using this on a tutorial I ran into other evidence of saved settings even when I did not restart Skyline.

I would really like this to work as well as closing Skyline, finding the user.config and removing it. (or uninstalling and reinstalling).

Nick, can you have a look at this. I have a lot to focus on with teaching the course in the next 2 days.

2021-04-11 Brendan MacLean
This is related to the way we upgrade our user.config from one version to the next. I now have to remove multiple user.config files in order to reset my settings back to the defaults. When I look at the Data folder where the folders that hold the user.config files reside, I see the following:

12/08/2020 03:38 PM <DIR>
12/08/2020 03:38 PM <DIR>
12/08/2020 03:38 PM <DIR>
12/08/2020 03:38 PM <DIR>
12/08/2020 03:38 PM <DIR>
04/11/2021 12:22 PM <DIR>
04/11/2021 12:22 PM <DIR>

I had to remove the user.config files from both and in order to get back to where Skyline was using our default settings.

2021-04-12 matt.chambers42
Would this be fixed by simply setting SettingsUpgradeRequired = false immediately when resetting to defaults?

2021-04-28 matt.chambers42
resolve as Fixed
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2021-12-01 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»
Dang. I just tried this in the current Skyline-daily, and it still doesn't work. After I restart Skyline-daily, the settings are back the way they were before the last upgrade. Sorry for taking so long to verify this fix. Bummer.

2021-12-01 matt.chambers42
Crap, probably because it's missing

2021-12-01 matt.chambers42
I'm not able to reproduce even without adding the Save() call. I click reset settings, then hit ok, cancel the settings dialog, and close Skyline immediately. When I inspect the user.config, I see <setting name="SettingsUpgradeRequired" serializeAs="String"><value>False</value></setting> but all the other settings are empty or missing. So when I reopen, it asks me to set the default interface, which tells me it didn't upgrade from previous settings. If I close Skyline again, edit the user.config to set SettingsUpgradeRequired to True, then reopen, I get my settings upgraded (the settings are copied from the previous user.config). Can you elaborate on your steps? I'm using the master branch build rather than the official daily release.

2021-12-02 matt.chambers42
resolve as Fixed
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2021-12-14 Brendan MacLean
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