Issue 766: further enhancements to the Import Transition List column picker

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Opened:2021-01-04 by Brian Pratt
Changed:2021-11-30 by Brian Pratt
Resolved:2021-11-30 by Brian Pratt
Closed:2021-11-30 by Brian Pratt
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2021-01-04 Brian Pratt
Title»further enhancements to the Import Transition List column picker
Assigned To»Brian Pratt
A few things the interns might want to revisit in the work originally done in branch Skyline/work/20200925_ImportTransitionListColumnsSelectDlg

1) Don't show column picker form at all when we already know everything we need to know

2) Don't remember column header set for later recognition unless the action results in new document items

3) Remember more than one column header set (useful when you aren't always importing from the same upstream data source)

2021-01-25 Brian Pratt
Also we noticed that in (existing code) when there's a problem with a peptide name, it's not presented in quotes which would make it more obviously the issue being addressed in the message.

2021-03-11 Brian Pratt
More thoughts from Brendan:

By the way, I think we want one of the interns to implement this form for small molecules. And I feel like I had thought of a number of improvements that Alex could do on this before his leaving stopped my thinking on it. Like CheckForErrors could start in the background as soon as the form is showing so that it might offer error information with no delay or alert the user that there are errors before they click any buttons. It could use a cancelation token to stop processing and restart new processing based on any user changes to the combo boxes. But it seems like a waste to show this UI and then just do nothing while the user considers what it is showing them.

Maybe also a checkbox to toggle whether or not to show unused columns...

2021-06-12 Brendan MacLean

2021-11-30 Brian Pratt
resolve as Fixed
This work appears in the 21.2 release.

2021-11-30 Brian Pratt
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