Issue 713: Unable to view or explore spectral libraries in Skyline Daily

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Opened:2020-01-21 by karin barnouin19837
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2020-01-21 karin barnouin19837
Title»Unable to view or explore spectral libraries in Skyline Daily
Assigned ToGuest»Brendan MacLean
I recently downloaded Skyline Daily. It worked well but now I am unable to view or explore spectral libraries. However, the same libraries that I tried to upload can be viewed and explored in Skyline (not Daily). No error message appears but I get a notification that peptide settings have changed and should they be saved.

2020-01-21 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»Nick Shulman
We are going to need more information and probably your files, Karin. You can use File > Share to create a file and upload it to

It sounds like you are clicking the Explore button in the Peptide Settings - Libraries tab and getting a message that the settings have changed and need to be saved when you did not expect this message?

You can also get to the spectral library explorer through View > Spectral Libraries. Does that work?

To understand why Skyline thinks you have made changes to your Peptide Settings when you do not feel you have, we'll need to file that is causing the issue. So, please upload that.

2020-08-10 Nick Shulman
resolve as Not Repro
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2020-08-10 Nick Shulman
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