Issue 682: Import peptide search from Start page differs from File > Import > Peptide Search

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Opened:2019-09-24 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2021-11-30 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2019-09-25 by Kaipo
Closed:2021-11-30 by Brendan MacLean
2019-09-24 Brendan MacLean
Title»Import peptide search from Start page differs from File > Import > Peptide Search
Assigned ToGuest»Kaipo
When you click one of the import peptide search options (DDA, DIA, PRM) on the Start page, the wizard appears with the Spectral Library tab showing the "Search files" list filling the entire bottom of the form without showing the "iRT standard peptides" dropdown or the "Include ambiguous matches" checkbox.

If you use File > Import > Peptide Search to get to the same form, then you get the group box with radio buttons allowing you to choose between the 3 options, and you also get the "iRT standard peptides" dropdown and the "Include ambiguous matches" checkbox.

These two controls should be available in both cases with only the radio buttons and group box coming and going.

If this is a relatively simple fix, it would be nice to get it into 19.1. Not sure when this got broken or if it ever worked, but it is unfortunate that the iRT standards are not offered to users to begin from the Start page, which I would expect to be more common than using File > Import > Peptide Search.

2019-09-25 Kaipo
Looks like some new controls got added to the form which broke it. Luckily I think we can fix it just by removing lines 580-585 from BuildPeptideSearchLibraryControl.cs. I'll test it and make a pull request.

2019-09-25 Kaipo
resolve as Fixed
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2021-11-30 Brendan MacLean
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