Issue 668: UI mode selection capability should be available in the menu system

Assigned To:Brian Pratt
Opened:2019-07-26 by Brian Pratt
Changed:2020-03-09 by Brendan MacLean
2019-07-26 Brian Pratt
Title»UI mode selection capability should be available in the menu system
Assigned ToGuest»Brendan MacLean
Design questions:

1) Putting it under "View" sounds right a first blush, but in that context "view" is mostly really a synonym for "form" or "window". Probably Settings is better?

2) Also we might want to consider moving the control from the right hand end of the control bar over to the left with the rest of the buttons?

Initially assigning to Brendan just to get feedback on these two questions.

2019-07-26 Brendan MacLean
There are other things on the View Menu like targets Text Zoom, Targets, Toolbar, Status Bar, etc. I think you could just put UI Mode in the same group at Targets and Text Zoom.

Let's leave the button as it is. There is a balance between the uninitiated and those in the know. Once you know where to look, having it on the right makes it highly visible, because it is so separate from the other buttons. I don't really think putting it in with the other buttons is likely to make it more findable.

I guess I wonder a bit whether anything we have discussed so far would have really kept the course participant who chose Mixed from asking me how to change his choice to Proteomics after the fact.

I kind of wonder whether the simplest most direct way to solve that would be to follow the choice form with another form that shows a picture of the toolbar button (with enough context to learn it is on the right side of the toolbar) with a red arrow pointing to it, reminding a user after they make their choice that they can always change with that button.

Not sure the View menu is any more discoverable by the person who quickly decides they want to change their choice but isn't sure how.

2020-03-09 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»Brian Pratt
I think you could resolve this now.