Issue 585: 1 raw file used with 2 skyline template issue

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2018-06-13 losfeldm
Title»1 raw file used with 2 skyline template issue
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I tried to import and analyse the same raw file on 2 different skyline windows opened simultaneously ( with different transitions lists) and the access to my raw files is always automatically locked by one of skyline windows... same is true if my raw file is opened in one skyline file and on Xcalibur simultaneously... I get an error message saying that import or read data is impossible because "invalid permission or locked file"
  However I sometimes want to look at MS1 on Xcalibur in parallel of my MS2 data in skyline or want to compare data from 2 different template on Skyline... is there a way to unlock the raw file usage?
Thank you,
Marie-estelle LOSFELD

2018-06-13 Brendan MacLean
resolve as Won't Fix
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Hi Marie-estelle,
Better to start with the support board. This is not something we can fix for you, because it is caused by the vendor software we use to read the Thermo .raw files you are working with, and we don't have the power to change that or Xcalibur. Feel free to complain to Thermo.

I think your only workaround would be to convert your .raw files to another format (e.g. mzML or mz5) using ProteoWizard msconvert. Then you would have a separate file from the .raw file you access with Xcalibur, and when Skyline reads those files it should not lock them, allowing you to be read from multiple instances of Skyline at once.

I can only assume that Thermo software uses an exclusive lock to protect against simultaneous reading and writing, since their software may also write to the files. Microsoft Excel does the same thing when it opens files.

If you find the same thing happens with mzML or mz5, please report that, as we have more control over the code in ProteoWizard for reading them.

Good luck.


2018-06-13 Brendan MacLean
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