Issue 573: Add -> refine window missing OK / Cancel buttons

Assigned To:Brian Pratt
Opened:2018-05-11 by dspiciarich
Changed:2022-01-05 by Brian Pratt
Resolved:2022-01-05 by Brian Pratt
Resolution:Not Repro
2018-05-11 dspiciarich
Title»Add -> refine window missing OK / Cancel buttons
Assigned ToGuest»Brendan MacLean
Using a 13-inch mac laptop with parallels when I goto Add -> refine window, it is missing bottom buttons... I'm in a skyline workshop and other users (who have larger PC laptops) are also seeing this same issue.
 Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 5.24.19 PM.png

2018-05-11 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»Brian Pratt
Can you have a look at this? Maybe a high res monitor issue? Do we ever resize this form or move the buttons for any reason?

2018-10-01 Brian Pratt
I don't see anything special about this window - no dynamic placement etc - I'd think that if we had the issue here, we'd have it in many more places as well.

I've tried various combinations of screen resolution and font size, but can't reproduce.

From that screengrab, though, it appears that the issue is simply that the window is too large to fit onscreen. I think the buttons are there, they just aren't where you can get at them.

Only fix I can think of is just rearrange it so it's not completely vertical.

2022-01-05 Brian Pratt
resolve as Not Repro
I couldn't repro, and it hasn't come up again in 3 years, closing it.