Issue 562: Implement Audit Log for Skyline

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Opened:2017-12-09 by Brendan MacLean
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2017-12-09 Brendan MacLean
Title»Implement Audit Log for Skyline
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Okay, Tobi. This would definitely be publication worthy. It has been asked for a lot, especially from pharma and clinical.

We need to implement some kind of audit log that clearly describes all the operations that have occurred on a document. I think to start we would just try to make those clear enough descriptions that a knowledgeable person could repeat them, and not so that they get recorded in a form that we can play them all back on a new document.

I think the audit log would just get stored in the document as a big text block somewhere and maybe just displayed in the Immediate Window when the users chooses View > Audit Log. We might need a way to store the original document settings, which are not always the default set, but more likely some state from a prior document or some saved settings template.

Anyway, I expect Nick will want to be involved in this one. When it is done, we will definitely write a paper announcing it and you can be the first author. It should be a pretty easy paper, since it is clearly so highly desired from us and something we will just announce in a tech note without needing to prove it works on interesting data.

Remember, scope for this round is just a log and not something that can be played back.

2021-12-14 Brendan MacLean
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Definitely implemented a long time ago to the level this issue was meant to represent. The paper is even published now.

2021-12-14 Brendan MacLean
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