Issue 526: Enhancements to AutoCopyUSB

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Opened:2017-06-16 by Nat Brace
Changed:2019-12-13 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2019-12-13 by Brendan MacLean
Closed:2019-12-13 by Brendan MacLean
2017-06-16 Nat Brace
Title»Enhancements to AutoCopyUSB
Assigned To»Brendan MacLean
Love AutoCopyUSB.exe as it saves me a ton of time. If you or an intern this summer have any time to invest in improving it, that would be great. Here would be my wishlist in order of tweeks:

•    Add capability to format USB drives to exFAT prior to starting – would have to make *absolutely sure* to exclude any non USB drives such as “C:”, or “D:”
•    LUN order of USBs – seems like when you plug in drives into the hub, the drive assignments go “somewhat sequentially” E, F, G, H etc.. but then sometimes skips ahead to some other letter assignment like: N, O, P, Q. It would be great to have it behave more consistently. The issue is when a copying run is completed and one drive has not been duplicated exactly (ie shows red) its very hard to figure out which drive of the set has the error and should be reformatted, recopied.
•    It would be great to have a “reset” button or something similar: after a run is completed, you could remove the copied USBs and add the next set of fresh empty USBs. The “reset” button would then tell the app to detect the new set of USBs which it then lists by drive assignment and off you go. The benefit here, would be that the source path (entered in the Directory with files to copy field) would remain populated. It’s a nit but currently the only way to clear the app after a run is to restart the AutoCopyUSB and then paste back in the source path. Ok, its only slightly more time consuming but the additional step of pasting in the path also invites potential errors.

Source files located on DB/AutoCopyUSB

2017-06-16 Nat Brace

2018-03-26 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»Alex MacLean
Not sure we can do much about USB to drive assignment. That seems like a system thing to me, but maybe someone can come up with a clever way to help identify which USB slot corresponds to which drive.

Low priority, but probably Alex can get to these requests in the next month or two.

2019-12-13 Brendan MacLean
resolve as Fixed
Assigned ToAlex MacLean»Nat Brace
This program has been enhanced a lot since you wrote this. I think we are done with enhancements for what it does.

2019-12-13 Brendan MacLean
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