Issue 515: Add some way to produce summary statistics to reports by grouping replicate annotations

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Opened:2017-05-04 by Brendan MacLean
Changed:2018-10-16 by Brendan MacLean
Resolved:2018-10-15 by Nick Shulman
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Closed:2018-10-16 by Brendan MacLean
2017-05-04 Brendan MacLean
Title»Add some way to produce summary statistics to reports by grouping replicate annotations
Assigned To»Nick Shulman
We now have multiple places in the UI (peak areas and group comparisons) where users can group by replicate annotations. It would be ideal to have a Group By option in the report/view editor which caused all ResultsSummary fields to apply to the groups, instead of the entire document, and the groups to be listed instead of replicates. Once a grouping is applied, the Replicates and Results fields could disappear and have Replicates replaced by Groups and "Pivot Replicate Name" by "Pivot Group Name".

I know you saw this as an expression language feature with more SQL-like grouping and summary functions, but I think this direction could be more intuitive to our non-programmer users (probably the majority).

Note that the original request was for grouping and reporting on CVs of peak area for groups. To achieve this in a UI like what I have described:
1. Choose a Group By annotation
2. Find Cv Total Area and check it
3. Check identifying columns also
4. Decide whether to pivot by the grouping annotation

Exactly the report requested with very little need for the user to learn anything new beyond, "What's this Group By option?"

2017-06-10 Brendan MacLean
Let's really do this for 4.1. I found another request for it that is years old from another collaborator at an instrument vendor that is funding us. That makes 2.

2018-10-15 Nick Shulman
resolve as Won't Fix
Assigned ToNick Shulman»Brendan MacLean
Instead of doing this feature, we ended up doing a more general pivot editor.
The documentation for the Pivot Editor is here:

2018-10-16 Brendan MacLean
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