Issue 43: Need an easier way to review transitions not integrated

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Opened:2011-07-07 by Brendan MacLean
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Resolved:2011-09-26 by Nick Shulman
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2011-07-07 Brendan MacLean
Title»Need an easier way to review transitions not integrated
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2009-09-10    Brendan
One user reported looking for transitions that had not been integrated by exporting a report, and then searching for #N/A in the Area column. This is clearly not very efficient. There should be an easier way, perhaps a find option, to review transitions that have not been integrated.

2009-09-19    Brendan
I am also considering a right-click menu item for the tree view that would switch between showing the green, yellow, red indicators for each replicate, and showing them for the entire document, where the latter would behave more like what Jason had expected, with green only showing on transitions where all peaks have an integrated range.

I think a find command is still important, because this may tell you that at least 1 of 40 replicates is missing an integration, but it doesn't tell you which one. You'd still have to squint at the retention time replicate view, or step through each replicate to find the missing peak.

2010-03-04    Brendan
I have some really exciting integration improvements that Birgit and Sue are helping me test. These include a setting, where you can ask to integrate everything in a method like the Study 7/9p method, where you are very familiar with the data. It takes less than a second to switch on, and will keep you from having to hunt.

I am going to keep thinking about this particular possible enhancement, but it will have to wait until after v0.6.

2010-08-07    Brendan
I have a great idea now for how to solve this and also to flag other issues for review in Skyline. I am going to add a Warning View, which will list issues in the open document and allow the user to review them. It will also propose possible fixes, like "Remove peak", "Remove transition" and "Integrate to best peak boundaries" for this case. This is where we will also list potential interferences and other similar issues.


This will now be done with Find All and the Find View.

2011-09-26 Nick Shulman
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2011-11-11 Brendan MacLean
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