Issue 377: Need to limit the peptides used in calculating PP enrichment to those from short-lived proteins

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Opened:2014-12-10 by Evvie Vincow
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2014-12-10 Evvie Vincow
Title»Need to limit the peptides used in calculating PP enrichment to those from short-lived proteins
Assigned To»Nick Shulman
Nick, artifactual high PP enrichment values for individual peptides are driving the mean enrichment values up. This has always been a problem, but it's now severe because the absolute peptide enrichments in my last two studies are so low. Increasing the required deconvolution score does not solve the problem. If I could limit the peptides by protein half-life, that would help a great deal, because shorter-lived proteins have high absolute peptide enrichments and are less affected by peak picking artifacts.

I really need this feature in order to get accurate results from my two most recent datasets. Ideally I could set an upper and a lower bound on half-life, but I'd settle for just an upper bound. In other words, I'd limit peptides included in the median PP calculation first by decon score and then by protein half-life (user-entered value).

Thanks much!

2014-12-10 Evvie Vincow
Postscript: Ideally I could choose which cohort's half-life to use, but if that's awkward, using the average value (called simply "Half-Life") would definitely be better than not having the feature.

2017-10-18 Brendan MacLean
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Not really maintaining Topograph any longer.

2017-10-18 Brendan MacLean
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