Issue 308: Missing R.exe after MSstats installation

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Opened:2014-02-13 by Brendan MacLean
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Resolved:2016-07-07 by Yuval
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Closed:2016-09-05 by Brendan MacLean
2014-02-13 Brendan MacLean
Title»Missing R.exe after MSstats installation
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Apparently many people at the SRM Course were very confused to get an error message asking them to locate R 3.0.2 after the thought they had installed correctly. I am guess that this may have happened because they did not close and fully save their settings after installing in one instance of Skyline and then opening another instance of Skyline for a different document.

We need to make sure we save these global paths (like R 3.0.2) to user.config immediately after installation. It seems we got that right for the tools themselves, because no one is complaining they don't see the tools, but the tools can't find R.

Also, the error message could be improved to know the actual name of the file the user is supposed to locate, in this case "R.exe". Even I was not quite sure that this is what I needed to choose to get things running. These users knew where they had installed R 3.0.2, but they really new the root directory, leaving the question, "What file in here does MSstats need?" This may require changes in how tool authors specify program paths, or we may just want to hard code a few common tools, like R, so that this can be improved without requiring new .properties files in all existing tools.

2014-08-28 Brendan MacLean

2016-07-07 Yuval
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This was a while ago and the trail is relatively cold, if this is even still an issue. Need a new report to continue looking.

2016-09-05 Brendan MacLean
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