Issue 446: idopt not shown when log view activated

Assigned To:Nick Shulman
Opened:2016-01-04 by Stephanie Kaspar
Changed:2021-12-14 by Nick Shulman
2016-01-04 Stephanie Kaspar
Title»idopt not shown when log view activated
Assigned To»Brendan MacLean
When having a look at peak areas with “log scale” activated, idopt value for the highest amount is not visible (both in standard and replicate view).
 visibility idopt values.pptx

2016-01-05 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToBrendan MacLean»Yuval
Yuval, you could take this one. Alex partly fixed the issue of idotp truncation in this graph over the summer, but it looks like his fix isn't working in log scale.

2016-01-12 Brendan MacLean
Apparently y-axis scrolling to view the idopt values is also problematic when log scale is on.
 20160112_log scale wheel scrolling.pptx

2016-01-12 Brendan MacLean

2017-10-15 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToYuval»tobiasr
This is more your area now, and you have already fixed the scroll wheel problem.

2017-10-18 Brendan MacLean

2021-12-14 Brendan MacLean
Assigned ToTobias Rohde»Nick Shulman
Nick, I think you had thoughts about this one and other issues with Log scale in the Peak Areas plot.

2021-12-14 Nick Shulman
Skyline currently prevents you from having a log scale Y-axis when displaying Ratio to Heavy or Ratio to Global Standards. The reason that we disabled that is that there were a few quirky things going on. Once we fix those quirky things we should allow this again.

The things that go wrong are:
1. The plot is completely blank if the maximum value displayed on the graph is less than 1. This is because Skyline sets the y axis scale min to 1, but leaves the y axis scale max as "auto". If ZedGraph decides that the maximum on the scale is less than the min, the graph ends up being completely blank.
2. Stacked bar graphs do not look right when the the Y-axis is a logarithm. If it's set to "Transitions > All" and it's a log plot, it needs to look the same as "Transitions > Total".
3. Make sure that the selection box is drawn in the right spot. It's tricky to figure out how tall it should be because of the logarithms involved.