Request for permission to create a Skyline tutorial hjl  2023-04-18 23:36

Hi, I'm a grateful user of Skyline.

I'm reaching out to you with a few questions.

First, is it possible to convert the color of the bars for retention time or peak area on skyline to a different color? It's set to blue by default, which makes it hard to see the error bars, so I was wondering if a user could change it to a lighter color or other colors.

Also, we would like to introduce how to use skyline for doping control, and I was wondering if you could allow us to use a screenshot of skyline as a figure in a paper to create educational materials on doping analysis using skyline.

Mike MacCoss responded:  2023-04-19 00:05
Yes, it is possible to change the color scheme. Under tools > options you will get the menu option in the attached screenshot. Yes, of course you can definitely use any figures or results from Skyline in your papers, educational materials, etc... Let us know if you need anything from us. -Mike