Fail to import Wiff2 files from X500R into Skyline Daily sarah lennon27839  2022-09-14

Dear Skyline team,

I am struggling to import wiff2 from X500R files in Skyline Daily. Please find attached the error reported by Skyline and the wiff2 file.

The same file converted to mzml using MSConvert imports fine in Skyline.

Would you have any suggestions ?

Thank you very for your help,

Kind regards,


Matt Chambers responded:  2022-09-14

Hi Sarah,

Are you able to import the file into Skyline with the WIFF file instead of WIFF2 (AFAIK WIFF2 files should always have a backward-compatible WIFF as well). I'm wondering whether it has to do with the empty base peak chromatogram we currently have for WIFF2. Although that should currently be included in the mzML so I'm not sure why that would work.

sarah lennon responded:  2022-09-15

Hi Matt,

Thank you for your answer ! Unfortunately, no .wiff files are generated on the X500R instrument, only .wiff2.


Matt Chambers responded:  2022-09-20

Hi Sarah,

An upcoming patch should fix the issue. If you want a workaround in the meantime, I'm attaching the missing file SQLite.Interop.dll. If you can download/copy that to the directory with Skyline.exe or Skyline-daily.exe then it should fix the issue.

sarah lennon responded:  2022-09-20

Hi Matt,

That's great news, thank you very much.
I have tried in the meantime to copy the .dll file into the Skyline.exe folder (AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skyline-daily), but I got the same error. Is there anything else to do ?

Thank you,