Support for SureQuant custom panel edf4n  2022-02-14

Dear Skyline,
I read in your release notes for Skyline 21.2 the announcement:
“New! Improved SureQuant support with "SureQuant" MS/MS acquisition method and method export for Exploris.
o Also added new PRM acquisition method (an improvement over the old "Targeted" method – now deprecated).”
I’m wondering if you can point me to using these features in your tutorials? I have been working my way through the skyline Targeted Method Editing tutorial. Eventually I would like to create a transition settings report for a custom SureQuant panel. I’m not sure that I am doing it correctly, especially for the export settings.
I have an Orbitrap Eclipse instrument and am using version of skyline
Thank you!

Nick Shulman responded:  2022-05-09
Sorry for the slow response. We found a tutorial which was used in a course last year.
You can see the tutorial here:

-- Nick