How to replace comma for values on the Y-axis with the period akulyyasov  2021-11-25

Dear Skyline team,
Please help me to set parameters in the graphical data presentation of Skyline.
How to replace the comma on the ordinate with a period. E.g.:”0,2”should be “0.2”

With best regards,

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-11-25
Numbers in Skyline are formatted according to the Windows language preferences.
To change those Windows settings you can launch Control Panel from the Windows start menu.
In Control Panel, search for the setting "number formats".

The Windows language preferences affect all of the numbers displayed in Skyline. There would be no way to change the formatting of the numbers on the Y axis without also changing the ways the other numbers on the graph itself are displayed.

-- Nick
akulyyasov responded:  2021-11-25
Thank you very much, Nick!