Error while installing LipidCreator via Skyline Tools komal kedia15918  2021-06-14

Skyline-daily (64-bit)

Hi Skyline Team,

While attempting to install LipidCreator from Skyline Tool Store, we keep receiving this error. Any familiarity with this error? Any help to resolve this error would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-06-14
Can you give us more information about how you installed Skyline on your computer, and how you managed to run it?

The error seems to indicate that you ran Skyline-Daily.exe from the following folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Apps\2.0\W7QCLLCH.VRH\0DQD1ZLX.RY2\Skyl..tion_e4141a2a22107248_0013.0000_df5830341d30075e

Usually when you install Skyline on you computer, Skyline.exe gets put in a folder that looks similar to that, except instead of "C:\Program Files (x86)", that part of the path would be your own home directory (i.e. "C:\Users\someusername\Apps\2.0\...")

Skyline-daily is a pretty old version of Skyline-Daily. You can download the zip files for "unplugged" installers for old versions of Skyline-Daily from here:

After you have downloaded and unzipped one of those installers, you can run "setup.exe" out of that unzipped folder.

-- Nick