Question: How is the background calculated? hjl  2021-04-06

Hi, I am using Skyline version 64bit

Within the process of calculating LOD for standard, I used Area and background value from the transition result report.

Based on the exported result, the S/N value was less than 3 but I could still clearly see the peaks with no significant noise between it.

I'll attach the chromatogram which had 2.11 as the S/N value .

If you don't mind, can I know how the background acquired based on some other values or the algorithm to obtain it.

Thank you for your support as always.

Nick Shulman responded:  2021-04-06
The background is calculated by looking at the height of the chromatogram at the start and end of the integration boundaries.

This page has some diagrams indicating how background gets calculated:

In your screenshot, the blue chromatogram has a fairly high background (i.e. the chromatogram is not close to the X axis at the start and end of the peak), but the other two chromatograms do not have as much background.
-- Nick