Retention times - Scheduling Gao  2021-04-02

I am just wondering whether you can add back the concurrent transitions vs scheduled time plot for "Retention times - Scheduling". I think the concurrent precursors vs scheduled time plot is great for PRM, but the concurrent transitions vs scheduled time plot will be the best choice for SRM, especially when the number of transitions per precursors are not the same across all the peptides. Maybe we can have both in Skyline Daily?

Thank you!

Brendan MacLean responded:  2021-04-02

Hi Gao,
Which you get depends on your Transition Settings - Full-Scan settings. If you have None chosen in this tab, you will get concurrent transitions. If you have something else chosen, then you are telling Skyline you are not doing SRM, and you will get concurrent precursors. I suppose it may still be interesting to be able to switch back and forth regardless of your Full-Scan settings, but hopefully, this is enough to get you what you are looking for without needing a new feature in the software. We have not removed anything in this area from Skyline.

Thanks for using Skyline and posting to the support board.