Collision Energy warnings when exporting a Bruker tims-ToF MS method Susan Abbatiello  2021-03-25

Hello !

I just realized that when I try to export a Bruker tims-ToF MS method, I don't get an error if a different Collision Energy prediction has been indicated in the "Settings, transition settings, prediction" tab. The Skyline file I was using had a TSQ Vantage selected for the CE prediction, but I didn't get any message when I was exporting the method for a Bruker tims-ToF MS format. It would be super awesome if a warning came up to tell me I'm being stupid! I'm pretty sure the CE prediction should be listed as "none" for the tims-ToF MS, since the CE is populated by the instrument control software in the method.

Many thanks!

Kaipo responded:  2021-03-26

Hi Sue,
Thanks for reporting this - you are right, there should be a warning. I will add a check for this.