Suggestion to Filtering Document Grid and Results Grid alejandro.cohen  2021-03-25

Hi Skyline team,

It would be very helpful if the Document Grid and Results grid included within the filters, a dropdown menu with the populated items already contained in each of the columns (very much like Excel has when you choose to sort columns).

For example, when you choose to sort the Molecule Name columns, have a dropdown menu of the Molecules already populated in the Skyline file with their corresponding checkboxes: Eg: Adrenaline, Noradrenaline, etc.

That would save substantial time instead of having to filter by: "Starts with": Adren... etc.

This would be great since preparing to reports for customers takes substantial time. Maybe this could be added to the wishlist? Not sure if this is easy to implement... All I've coded was BASIC in 1997 ;-P