Unable to retrieve application files. Files corrupt in deployment. Skyline-64_20_2_0_286 unplugged version h a ebhardt  2020-10-15

Hi Brendan & team members of the Skyline team.

I tried installing Skyline-64_20_2_0_286 unplugged.

I first downloaded the zip file,
unpacked it,
ran setup.exe as administrator

Then: the setup.exe still accessed the internet and after downloading 3/4 of the program, the "Unable to retrieve application files. Files corrupt in deployment" occurred.

I attached a screenshot of the error plus the txt of Details...

There is a two problems here: first, the error itself.

Second, and more important, my IT dep't does not allow me to use programs which access the internet. Hence, the unplugged version. Is it possible to get an unplugged version which does not require the internet for installation?

Maybe the error is related to the fact that programs here are not allowed to access the outside world.

Kind regards,
Holger Alexander Ebhardt.

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-10-15
This seems to work for me. You should try downloading the .zip file again and unzip it to a new location on your computer.

The unplugged installer does not require to be connected to the internet. I can disconnect my computer from the internet and still successfully install Skyline from the unzipped folder. Windows will show you a message saying that it is downloading files, but the location that it is "downloading" these files from will be the same folder that you ran setup.exe from.

-- Nick