Skyline 20.2 refuses to install

Skyline 20.2 refuses to install Tomas Vaisar  2020-10-13

For some reason, the manual install of 20.2 does not want to go - after Microsoft Store message - clicking Install Anyway does not do anything. It does not matter whether I run setup.exe normally or as Administrator?
My Windows 10 problem or Skyline setup.exe problem?



Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-10-13

Hi Tomas,
We likely need screenshots, which you can put in a PowerPoint or Word document. Also, you may want to look at our Tip page for a broken installation, if you are trying to install an existing installation.

So far you are the only person to complain. Hopefully there won't be a lot more.


Nick Shulman responded:  2020-10-13
Can you give us more information about what error message, if any, you are seeing?

We always recommend running setup.exe as an ordinary user, not administrator. Skyline only ever gets installed for only the currently logged in user, I believe, regardless of how you run setup.exe.

If you do need to install Skyline for multiple users, you can use the Skyline administrator installer:

However, for most things, we recommend the regular install of Skyline, since that is the only variant that knows how to automatically check for updates.

Let us know what error you are seeing, and send us that log file if Windows shows it to you.
-- Nick
Tomas Vaisar responded:  2020-10-13
Trouble is there is no error message - it does not matter whether I go as ordinary user (my first choice) or run it as administrator (out of desperation). When I double-click setup.exe I get the Microsoft Apps Store window (see attached). And when I try to "Install Anyway" - nothing happens. No error, nothing happens. Tomas
Nick Shulman responded:  2020-10-13

I think you need to go to:
Windows Start Menu > Settings (it looks like a gear) > Apps
and change "Choose where to get apps" to "Anywhere".

I get the same behavior you're describing when I set that to "Anywhere but warn me..." There doesn't seem to be any way to get past that "warning".
-- Nick
Tomas Vaisar responded:  2020-10-13
Thanks Nick,
That did the trick. I have not seen this behavior with other programs I've installed. It has always allowed me to proceed with the "Install Anyway".