Software crashing while importing result files alaine garrett  2020-08-05


I am currently working through the tutorials and have had the software crash during the import of results steps in both the Targeted Method Refinement and Processing Grouped Study Data tutorials. I am able to open the raw data files in Qual Browser so I believe that it is not a function of the raw data files being corrupted. We did have a difficult time getting the software installed on our off line system.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-08-05

Hi Alaine,
What does the "crash" look like? Do you get a message of any kind or does the application just disappear without a trace?

This is likely an installation issue since we test that entire tutorial hundreds of times a day.

But, hopefully, we can help you figure it out quickly with a bit more information.


alaine garrett responded:  2020-08-05

Hi Brendan,

The first time it crash it did give me an error for the four data files that I was trying to import. I didn't think to write down because I thought I had done it incorrectly. The following attempts the software just froze and then I got a time out error. After a few attempts on that tutorial I moved on to the next one and had they same issue resulting in the frozen software and time out error.

I agree that it is most likely a my system issue and not the tutorials.


Brendan MacLean responded:  2020-08-06

In the end, Alaine switched from using the "Unplugged" installer on a sensitive computer with no internet connection to using the "Administrator" installer, which more automatically ensures its system pre-requisites, but requires a system administrator perform the installation.

This now seems to be working.

The "Unplugged" installer works more like the web installer and can be used with SkylineRunner, but it requires more expertise to ensure the system pre-requisites, unless you have already successfully once installed with the normal web installer.

The "Administrator" installer is a more automatic and complete installation across all users on the machine, but it requires Administrator privileges and you must use C:\Program Files\Skyline\SkylineCmd.exe for the Skyline command-line interface.

Neither one is self-updating like the normal web installer.

Thanks for your effort, Alaine, in troubleshooting this issue and letting us know the working resolution.