exporting transition lists dawn dufield  2020-04-05

When i try to export a transition list I get the following message. Is there a way to set this up properly

The settings for this document do not match the instrument type SCIEX

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-04-05
You should take a look at the "Collision Energy" or "Declustering Potential" settings at:
Settings > Transition Settings > Prediction

Skyline gives you that warning if the name of the instrument that you are exporting a method for does not match the name that is selected in those Transition Settings Prediction dropdowns.

If you cannot fix the problem by changing those prediction settings, then you can send us your Skyline document .zip ("File > Share"). I know the logic that Skyline uses for deciding whether a Sciex instrument names match is complicated since that company has gone through several name changes over the years.
-- Nick