backwards compatibility skyline v20 vs skyline v19 kguehrs  2020-03-25

Hallo Skyline team,
I generated some dta with the newest version of skyline. I wanted to reload them on an other computer running Skyline from an external disk. However, skyline refused to open the data because they are generated with a newer version. I do not have administrator rights for this computer and it is therefore somewhat complicated the upgrade skyline in short time in these days. Moreover, there is the question of the general backward compatibility of skyline files.

Wish you all the best and hope that we all can keep going.

Nick Shulman responded:  2020-03-25
Skyline allows you to save a document so that it can be opened by older versions of Skyline.
The menu item to do this is:
File > Share

You usually do not need to be an administrator to install new versions of Skyline, although I do believe you would need administrator access if it was necessary to install a new version of Microsoft's .Net Framework.

If you want to install older versions of Skyline, you can do so from the "Unplugged" installer page:

It sounds like "File > Share" is the menu item you need to use to solve your problem.
-- Nick