The error with cdb file shin  2019-10-09

Hello skyline team,
I'm trying to analysis proteome data with Mascot dat file.
Previously I succeeded to analyze other data.
However It doesn't work in this time.
Investigation of the reason of error clarified some files made "dat.cdb" file.
What is dat.cdb file and how do we analyze them?

Thanks for your assistance and effort.


Brian Pratt responded:  2019-10-10

Hi Shin,

Can you provide more detail on the steps you have taken, and screenshots of the errors your seeing?


Brian Pratt

shin responded:  2019-10-10

Hi Brian,

I ran skyline with mascot dat file, wiff file and wiff.scan file.
At the beginning the library is made by mascot dat file. And then wiff and wiff.scan files are loaded.
However skyline made unknown folders during making library.
The name is "yp54t7nrmjuxeyyhu2ogwtgz2q".
This folder contains cdb file, such as 1.dat. cdb.

Now we have 18 mascot dat files.
Some of them with large file size made dat. cdb files
Others with small file size didn't make dat. cdb files and analysis were worked well.

I attached the screen shots.



Brian Pratt responded:  2019-10-11

I don't know what that .cdb file is, perhaps it's something the mascot reader DLL does with large files.

If you can provide some example files, and screenshots of the steps needed to demonstrate the problem, we'll certainly look into it.