Include fragment ion annotation when "Copy Data" from Library Match tab jonasbecker  2019-05-08 00:40

Dear Skyline Team,

I'm trying to compare spectra from peptides recorded with different fragmentation methods as well as measured from synthetic pools and out of samples.

Is there any possibility to add fragment ion information displayed in the graph to the data which I get by using the "Copy Data" interaction within the Library Match tab? Unfortunately I only get m/z values and intensities, which I than would have to annotate manually.

Or is there any possibility to get this information from a Custom Report for a single spectrum? This one could combine subsequently with the data copied from the Library Match tab to also include unmatched peaks.

I'm using PEAKS Studio X for my search, export data from there and import into Skyline 4.2.0 (64-bit).

Thanks for your help in advance. Best,

Brian Pratt responded:  2019-07-25 14:51
Hi Jonas,

It appears no one ever got back to you on this, my apologies.

This seems like a good idea, I'll add this to our issues list.


Brian Pratt
w vanbergen responded:  2023-08-24 04:26
I would also like to use this function?
Is there a version already capable to do this or a work around?