File text/Free text column into document grid? waltteri hosia  2019-04-16

Hello. Is there a way to copy paste file descriptions from instrument sample lists to document grid? In other words is there a free text column to choose somewhere in edit document grid views? I have tried to look but have not found.
We use forward numbering as file name, and actual sample description, i.e. what was injected, is written to "file text" (waters) or "sample ID" (Thermo) fields, and this info does not come into Skyline. Then with larger document grids it gets hard to follow what's what when one only has this file number-name.

BR, Waltteri

Nick Shulman responded:  2019-04-16

Skyline has a feature called "Annotations" where you can define extra data that applies to Replicates, etc.
There is some information about how to do that on page 46 of the Grouped Studies tutorial:

-- Nick