MS1Probe Birgit Schilling  2013-09-06 15:07


Authors: Alexandria K. Sahu, Birgit Schilling, Bradford W. Gibson
Organization: Gibson Lab, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Version: 1.0
More Information:

MS1Probe can further process MS1 full scan data originally analyzed in Skyline, and is designed to be capable of high throughput statistical quantification of Skyline MS1 Filtering datasets. Features of MS1Probe include calculating peak area means, variability measures, ratios between different sample conditions and corresponding q values and p values. MS1Probe arranges the MS1 data into a data array selected by replicate name and precursor ion m/z for M, M+1, M+2. MS1Probe then calculates the mean peak area, standard deviation, coefficient of variation (CV), peak area ratios, student’s T-test p value, and q value for each peptide. The output contains all of this data in one comma separated variable report (csv). MS1Probe was constructed such that it can also process any MS2-based datasets (i.e., SRM, SWATH, MRM-HR). Please use tutorial version 2 below : MS1Probe_tutorial2.pdf and