Error message

Error message jerome_vialaret  2014-11-24 04:39
I try to use SProCoP1.0 on my QTOF PRM data with Skyline
The external tool is easly install and I could generate SProCoP report but when I run SProCoP tool I have this error message:

Error in colMeans(PA[1:Q1, ]) :
  'x' must be an array of at least two dimensions
Calls: tryCatch -> tryCatchList -> parse.cmdline -> colMeans
Execution halted

Michael responded:  2014-11-24 05:22
Hi Jerome -

 Thankyou for your note. A few questions - How many peptides are you using for the input? SProCoP is expecting at least 3. Also please check the report make sure there are no NAs. If this does not fix things could you send me the file (file -> share) and ill have a look.