QuaSAR package installation failure: packages not available for R 3.0.1 peter.scholl  2020-05-27

I attempted in May 26, 2020 to install QuaSAR (1_32) and work through the tutorial. I encountered the same error messages reported by jung165 (see p. 1of attached .ppt, Skyline support: QuaSAR download error, 2020-03-02, Nick Shulman responded on 2020-03-03).

We are running Skyline (0d62152d0) with WIN 10 Enterprise Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.1217)

Screenshots are provided in the attached .ppt to facilitate asking of the following questions and illustrate the naive trouble shooting effort.

I am not an R programmer, but noticed that the R command used by Skyline to install the packages was going to an “http:” instead of an “https:” site.
Could the lack of the “s” prevent installation due to other security software running in the background?

Although it failed using R 3.0.1, using R 3.6.2, I was able to install the packages and their dependencies using the command.
o Install.packages(“bitops”, repos=”https:cran.us.r-project.org”)

This would seems to indicate the "missing S" hypothesis is wrong, but I don’t know enough R to move forward or know if this begins to address a larger problem, apparently still related to R 3.0.1. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks for any help you can provide to help get QuaSAR running again.

peter.scholl responded:  2020-06-01
Title: Fix provided for QuaSAR package installation failure: packages not available for R 3.0.1

Editing of two files originally provided in QuaSAR-1_32 restores proper downloading and tool function in Skyline.
The Quasar.properties file was edited to call R, 4.0.0.
The install.packages file was changed by replacing "http:" with "https:" in the call to install packages from the cran site.
The corresponding new installation package (QuaSAR-2020.0) is provided here for vetting.