Skyline: a necessary tool for evolving proteomics labs Susan Abbatiello  2010-12-15 19:10
Skyline is a powerful software platform that enables any lab to easily create targeted SRM/MRM-MS methods from empirical data or in silico sources. It is continually adding features and improving the flexibility of MRM-MS method creation, data analysis and data reporting. The graphics included to monitor the quality of the MRM-MS data, such as peptide retention times and peak area coefficient of variation (CV) quickly enable the user to ensure the acquired data is at the level it needs to be. It is a simple yet multifaceted software package that delivers many options for various experimental designs including multiple peptide labeling strategies. I find the peak integration of MRM-MS data to be very reliable and simple to use, especially for large data sets. It is easy to learn and provides all of the tools necessary to design and execute a targeted, quantitative study of peptide and protein biomarker candidates on any MS vendor platform. Software support is excellent.

Susan Abbatiello, Ph.D.
Research Scientist, Proteomics Platform
The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard