Senior Research Associate with Emili Lab @ OHSU/Knight Cancer Institute

Senior Research Associate with Emili Lab @ OHSU/Knight Cancer Institute emili  2022-10-03

An exciting opportunity has been created, effective November 1, for an experienced researcher to join the Prof. Andrew Emili’s Network Systems Biology laboratory, within the Knight Cancer Institute Center at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, OR.

We are seeking a Senior Research Associate to join our growing team in a full-time role, who will work both independently and as a collaborative project co-leader, to establish and support our precision mass spectrometry (LC/MS) platform.

We are looking for a technically highly experienced, energetic, and engaging researcher interested in developing and applying innovative proteomics technologies to solve complex biological problems while working in working in a stimulating, fast-paced, and highly collaborative research environment.

As a lead technical member of the Emili Laboratory, the candidate will work with a multi-disciplinary research team of basic scientists, molecular biologists, analytical chemists, and computational biologists.

Primary responsibilities will be to establish, operate and maintain powerful new LC/MS instrument systems and to perform qualitative and quantitative high-throughput proteomics studies, and to engage with collaborating scientists. The position involves include working closely with diverse project scientists, processing and analyzing samples using optimizing proteomic workflows, and generating and interpreting complex proteomics data. The candidate must have exceptional experience operating and maintain high performance LC/MS instrumentation, and in generating and analyzing high-throughput proteomics data, as well as excellent communication skills and experience working in a highly collaborative team environment.

Duties include but are not limited to:
• Experimental design and laboratory execution of biochemical and mass spectrometry-based assays including proteomics data generation, processing, visualization, and interpretation. Routine usage and maintenance of high-performance LC/MS systems, including the operation of Thermo/Orbitrap family of mass spectrometers with UHPLC separation for high-throughput quantitative proteomics analyses. Day-to-day operation and support of LC-MS systems in the lab. Protein isolation from mammalian cells and peptide preparation and isotopic labeling for quantitative mass spectrometry. Help to develop, improve and implement new proteomics methods and workflows in the group

Required Qualifications
• PhD in relevant field AND 1 year of relevant experience OR Master's Degree in relevant field AND 5 years of relevant experience OR Bachelor's Degree in relevant field AND 9 years of relevant experience
• Proven ability to generate high quality mass spectrometry data
• Experience working with high performance nano-LC/MS instrumentation, ideally in operation, troubleshooting and maintenance of Orbitrap systems/software.
• Experience with proteomic method development, LC/MS maintenance, and troubleshooting
• Familiarity with raw data processing, interpretation, and visualization
• Understanding proteomic best lab practices for sample handling and analysis
• Experience and operational knowledge of high throughput setups and proteomics workflows
• Experience with quantitative LC/MS (e.g. isotope-tagging) and PTM analysis for discovery proteomics
• Experience with R, MATLAB, or python and general computational abilities
• Strong analytical and practical skills in protein sample preparation

Preferred Qualifications
• Degree in biochemistry, molecular biology, biomedical engineering, analytical chemistry and/or mass spectrometry
• 5+ years of research experience
• 4+ years hands-on LC-MS experience

Contact information:
Please contact Professor Emili: (send Resume/CV)

Ideally, also apply online. Please be sure to upload a Cover Letter and Resume/CV to: