Research Associate - Bar-Peled Lab, Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, MA

Research Associate - Bar-Peled Lab, Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital - Boston, MA tyyang  2022-03-19


A position is open for a full-time laboratory senior scientist focused on protoemics at the MGH Cancer Center in the laboratory of Liron Bar-Peled. The laboratory studies the cellular response to altered metabolic states in multiple cancer models. Specific studies relate to discovering druggable vulnerabilities in genetically defined cancers and elucidating the mechanisms of reactive oxygen species in cancer growth using cutting edge chemical proteomic technologies. To learn more about our research visit:
The candidate will supervise a major expansion of cysteine druggability mapping in patient samples, overseeing the implementation of this technology by maintaining and operating advanced proteomics instruments and corresponding sample analysis. These duties include operation of LC-MS/MS systems, sample preparation, proteomic data collection and analaysis and accurate recording of procedures and results, developing the project, supervising trainees, preparing figures for publications ordering necessary reagents to conduct experiments and participation in joint upkeep of the lab.

Dr. Bar-Peled seeks exceptionally motivated candidates who enjoy conducting research and involving themselves in the dynamic and intellectual environment of the laboratory. She or he will have the opportunity to become fully involved with all the steps of research being completed in our laboratory, often working directly with Dr. Bar-Peled, which will lead to numerous publications. Investigators in our laboratory will present at regular laboratory meetings. The experience gained in the lab will be very helpful for pursuing a career as a researcher or physician.


The primary techniques required for this position include:
• Extensive experience operating LC-MS/MS proteomic instruments
• TMT labeling and proteomic sample preparation
• Supervises and oversees multiple projects in the lab
• Prepares manuscripts
• Independent researcher
• Performs base-level procedures as assigned (i.e. – pipetting, tissue culture, in vitro assays, etc.)
• Conducts mammalian tissue culture experiments
• Maintains laboratory notebook
• Understands and applies basic scientific techniques
• Conducts analysis of results
• Supports the research of other lab members
• Assists with organizing materials for publication or presentation
• Maintains and orders supplies
• Works in an efficient manner
• Has a high capacity for problem solving
Other techniques may be required to further expand on experimental findings.


Doctoral degree with a preference in biology, molecular biology, chemistry, or biochemistry and at least 5 years lab experience as a postdoctoral researcher with proteomics expertise. Candidates with a strong computational background are also encouraged to apply. The ideal candidate will be detail-oriented, organized, and able to work independently as well as part of a team in a fast-paced evolving environment. Excellent communication and organizational skills are necessary.

To apply, contact Dr. Liron Bar-Peled
To learn more about our research visit: