Scientist/Senior Scientist, Proteomics at Flagship Pioneering Company

Scientist/Senior Scientist, Proteomics at Flagship Pioneering Company cnicod  2021-10-06

Scientist/Senior Scientist, Proteomics
at Flagship Pioneering, Inc.
Cambridge, MA USA
Position Summary:

FL69 is seeking a highly motivated and team-oriented candidate for a (Senior) Scientist, Proteomics. This individual will be responsible for the discovery and analysis of non-canonical proteins in large-scale proteomic datasets. The ideal candidate has a strong scientific foundation in proteomics and a demonstrated ability to develop tailored immuno- or biochemical enrichment methods. The candidate will be able to develop semi- or fully automated workflows for large-scale proteomics sample preparation and LC-MS analysis. The candidate will work closely with genomics scientists, computational biologists, and a functional genomics team to identify novel targets involved in disease and bring them to preclinical models.

Key Responsibilities:

Develop proteomics sample preparation workflows for global or targeted proteomics studies from varied biological samples, such as cultured cells, tissues, and biofluids
Capable of developing novel immune or biochemical enrichment strategies for target proteins
Design proteomics experiments and conduct biomarker discovery for therapeutics and diagnosis studies
Conduct proteomics data analysis using commercial and/or open-source software
Experiences on automation of proteomics sample preparation and high throughput LC-MS analysis are preferred
Manage proteomics projects and collaborate with CROs
Work closely with molecular and cell biologists to collaboratively iterate on experiments
Minimum Qualifications:

PhD in proteomics, biochemistry, analytical chemistry or related field
2+ years of industrial (or post-doc) experiences on method development of large-scale proteomics studies
In-depth understanding of LC-MS technologies for discovery or targeted proteomics
Hands-on skills in proteomic sample preparation of varied biological samples
Demonstrated expertise in conducting DDA, DIA, and PRM based proteomics studies
Demonstrated experience in maintaining and operating nanoLC and mass spectrometer
Ability to work as a collaborative team-member
Excellent oral and written communication and presentation skills
Preferred Qualifications:

Experience in proteomic analysis of biofluids (plasma, urine, or CSF) is a plus
Experience in cell-culture and tissue sample handling is a plus
Familiarity with top-down proteomics is a plus
Broad understanding of proteomics database search, quantitative analysis, visualization, and interpretation, using commercial and/or open-source software, such as MaxQuant, Skyline, PEAKS, DIA-NN
Experiences in MHC immune-peptidomics or proteogenomics are preferred
Experiences in affinity enrichment, IP/co-IP, or proximity labeling based interactome are preferred
Hands-on experiences with HPLC separation, such as RPLC, IEX, SEC are preferred
Computational skill such as bioinformatics, statistics, or programing skill by R/Python is a plus