Scientist, Targeted Proteomics

Scientist, Targeted Proteomics ekuhn  2021-04-23

We are seeking an experienced Scientist in Targeted Proteomics to join our team at Kymera Therapeutics. The successful candidate will develop assays, characterize their performance and implement them by analyzing samples from a wide range of tissue types and species to assess PD/PK performance of Targeted Protein Degradation drugs and verify biomarker discovery candidates. This candidate will be expected to expeditiously generate high quality data, effectively communicate the results to the project teams and collaborate with individuals experienced in each function of drug discovery pipeline and disease area throughout the company.

Kymera Therapeutics is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on advancing the field of targeted protein degradation (TPD), a transformative new approach to address previously intractable disease targets. Kymera’s Pegasus™ TPD platform harnesses the body’s natural protein recycling machinery to degrade disease-causing proteins, with a focus on undrugged nodes in validated pathways currently inaccessible with conventional therapeutics. Our mission is to discover, develop, and commercialize transformative therapies while leading the evolution of targeted protein degradation. Kymera’s goal is to become a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company with a pipeline of novel medicines, with an initial focus on immune-inflammatory diseases and oncology.

In 2021, we plan to continue to grow and strengthen our organizational capabilities to deliver on the potential of inventing a new class of protein degrader medicines for patients. Kymera is rapidly advancing three programs in clinical studies this year. We are also actively advancing a broad pipeline of preclinical programs across a wide variety of diseases, both internally and in collaboration with our partners Sanofi and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.


Develop, optimize and implement targeted proteomics analysis workflows for precise, accurate, and sensitive MS-based protein measurements.
Work with project teams to identify targeted proteomics assay needs, samples requirements and deliverables.
Perform targeted protein MS assays using state-of-the-art LC-MS systems; including nano-LC, Orbitrap and TQMS platforms to determine drug PD, optimize SAR, profile E3 ligases and quantify biomarkers for patient stratification.
Prepare samples from a wide variety of biological matrices (cultured cells, tumor tissues, biofluids, etc)
Perform data analysis utilizing commercially available or free proteomics software (Skyline, MaxQuant, Spectrum Mill, etc).
Maintain and qualify HPLC and MS instrument performance.
Keep accurate inventory of peptide standards and reagents.
Stay up to date in the field of targeted proteomics and mass spectrometry.


PhD in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Chemical Biology, or related discipline with 5 years of experience in targeted mass spectrometry-based proteomics in industry or startup biotech setting or,
BS/MS with 8 + years of experience
Broad experience in targeted proteomics is required for:
configuring highly multiplexed and sensitive PRM/MRM stable isotope labeled peptide assays using label-free and TMT-labeled Discovery Proteomics data
developing and optimizing targeted MS methods to monitor protein or small molecule targets across a wide dynamic range in a variety of sample types (cells, tissues, biofluids) and formulations (fresh, frozen, FFPE)
incorporating antibody or IMAC enrichment strategies of proteotypic peptides or phosphopeptides to improve assay LOD/LLOQ and throughput using LC-MRM-MS
acquiring and searching discovery proteomics data to rank and select the best proteotypic peptides to generate targeted protein assays for human and pre-clinical species.
Operating, maintaining and troubleshooting HPLC, nanoLC, Orbitrap and QQQ instruments
Demonstrated ability to independently analyze and interpret targeted proteomics data to recommend project next steps.
Ability to organize and multitask efficiently and generate high quality MS data to meet key clinical timelines.
Ability to communicate data and methodologies effectively in a fast paced, team-oriented environment.
Working knowledge of software and operation of lab automation, KingFisher, AssayMAP Bravo or other liquid handling robotic systems.

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