The MacDonald Lab, University of Pittsburgh/Department of Psychiatry, is seeking Postdoctoral Fellows in Neuroproteomics mlmacdonald  2021-04-08

The MacDonald lab conducts multi-omic analyses of synaptic protein networks in human postmortem brain tissue and model systems to address questions in psychiatric disease. Potential projects involve the development and validation of novel approaches to interrogate synaptic proteomes in human postmortem brain tissue; high throughput sample preparation of human postmortem brain tissue for protein and PTM quantitation (LFQ, TMT, DIA) on an Orbitrap Eclipse; integration of proteomic datasets with other -omics data and intermediate phenotypes (e.g. SNP array, WGS, RNAseq, spine density, and spine size); and investigation of promising targets in model systems (primary neuronal culture, iPSC, mice). These projects are currently funded by multiple R01s and T32 support is available for qualified candidates. The Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh has an unparalleled track record of supporting early career scientists as they transition to independence in academia, industry, or government positions.