AI software engineer/developer at EpiQMAx GmbH

AI software engineer/developer at EpiQMAx GmbH solis  2021-02-06

At EpiQMAx, we offer a service to pharmaceutical companies and research institutes, based on mass spectrometry, for the measurement of epigenetic and post-translational modifications on histones and other proteins. An essential challenge in our domain is the discovery and identification of markers associated with a disease or a biological condition.

We are looking for an AI developer/engineer, whose role will be to use classical ML algorithms as well as develop CNN models for the discrimination of distinctive proteins and PTMs associated with a condition. As input data, she/he will count with matrix-like files and images.

Candidate requirements: Master Sc. or Ph.D. title in Computer Science or Statistics/Data Analysis, Bioinformatics or alike. Good to very good knowledge of ML/AI models, architectures, and model training. Good to vast expertise on image classification and object recognition.

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More information about the position can be found on our careers site: