Mass Spectrometry Senior Scientist- InterVenn Biosciences

Mass Spectrometry Senior Scientist- InterVenn Biosciences xcong  2021-02-04


InterVenn Biosciences is seeking mass spectrometry scientists to join our highly collaborative and supportive mass spectrometry team. Candidates will have substantive experience in the field of mass spectrometry-based proteomics/glycoproteomics, and will be highly motivated and resourceful. Their work will enable qualitative and quantitative epi-proteomics workflow development for innovative biomarker discovery.
● Lead projects in analytical method development and optimization. Develop LC-MS based targeted biomarker assay (SRM/MRM) and facilitate method validation activities.
● Be responsible for mass spectrometry instrumentation operation, troubleshooting and maintenance.
● Train and supervise new analysts in glycoproteomics mass spectrometry workflows.
● Manage multiple projects within timelines according to high scientific and ethical standards.
● Align and collaborate with project managers, data science team and clinical laboratory personnel across the biomarker assay product portfolio.
● Promote a culture of transparency and traceability across all aspects of laboratory operations.

● Ph.D. in biological sciences, chemistry, or analytical chemistry.
● Experience and knowledge in the operation and maintenance of different types of mass spectrometers, especially triple-quadrupole MS (QQQ).
● Extensive experience in targeted mass spectrometry-based proteomics/glycoproteomics.
● Extensive knowledge of application of complex sample preparation methodologies for protein mass spectrometry workflows, implementing quantitative mass spectrometry-based strategies, in particular SRM/MRM methods.
● Proven track record of LC-MS based method development and validation for proteomics biomarker assays.
● Applied knowledge of/experience with MS software analysis pipelines.
● Experience in the pharmaceutical/biotech, diagnostic, or life-science-tools industry is preferred.
● Experience in developing computational algorithms proteomics data processing and skills in computational programming languages (e.g. Python) is a plus.
● Working experience in regulatory-compliant environments (GxP) and familiarity with regulatory guidelines on bioanalysis (FDA, CLSI etc.) is a plus.
● Proven record of being a fast learner, flexible, and mindful team member.
● Excellent verbal and written communication skills.